Wednesday, February 25, 2009

First Game... Kind of

Today we finally have our first game, but it's not an official Cactus League game so you won't find it on Rather, it's the annual charity game that we play against the Mariners.

Nine different pitchers will each get one inning today:

Jake Peavy
Heath Bell
Cla Meredith
Chris Britton
Wilton Lopez
Mark Worrell
Scott Patterson
Mike Ekstrom
Oneli Perez

The starting lineup:

Scott Hairston, CF
David Eckstein, 2B
Adrian Gonzalez, 1B
Kevin Kouzmanoff, DH
Chase Headley, LF
Edgar Gonzalez, 3B
Will Venable, RF
Nick Hundley, C
Luis Rodriguez, SS

I know Tiger Wood is back out there today, but so are the Pads.


Dan said...

This might be the most frustrating game of the year for me. I have been waiting for baseball to be back, and it finally is... and I can't listen or watch. Every year I get mad at this game. Be healthy everyone.

Paul DePodesta said...

I'll tell you what, Dan, I'll try to post a few items of interest during the course of the game.

SammyG said...

Its on MLB Audio

jay in SF said...

More general question: how useful is spring training in evaluating players?

It seems like it is a small sample size in context where you are playing against uneven competition not trying to win but to play well.

Have you done or seen any analysis that looks at correlation of spring performance to regular season performance?

And what are you and/or the coaches looking for? Technique? Outcomes? Demeanor?

Thanks, and, as uninspired I am about the Padres prospects, it is still so exciting.