Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Through Two

Through the first two innings the Pads are down 2-0.

After a scoreless inning from Peavy in the 1st, Heath gave up four hits and two runs in the 2nd, though Chase Headley did throw out a runner at home.

Offensively, both Hairston amd Edgar Gonzalez led off with singles, and Kouz mixed in a walk, but we haven't been able to capitalize.

Meredith has taken the mound for the top of the 3rd.


Cliff said...

Keep the updates coming

Clint said...

the royals were down 9-1 through the first two. they've since closed the gap to 9-5 however.

Marshall said...

Where's the radio broadcast?
1090, "The voice of the Padres", isn't carrying the game. :-(