Thursday, August 14, 2008

Chris Young to the DL

Today we placed Chris Young on the DL due to some forearm soreness. At this point in our season it's not worth taking any chances, so we've decided to take the most cautious route.

Brian Falkenborg will take CY's place on the roster for today's game. As far as CY's next start, which falls on Saturday, we have not made an announcement yet.


Anonymous said...

lets see inman or leblanc!

Unknown said...


On that note (being cautious) what's up with Peavy being allowed to throw 116 pitches today?

Given Jake's history...wouldn't keeping him under 105 or so seem like a smart decision?

Is that a discussion the front office is comfortable having with Bud Black?

Unknown said...

I vote for meritocracy, and the hot arms are LeBlanc (over Inman) and Cesar Ramos.

I am very dissappointed to learn that the team will not sign Kipnis, Conaway, Dykstra and Mooneyham.

I mean, if the club is going to be one of the 3 worst in baseball, shouldn't it be doing all it can to show the fans that they are doing whatever it takes to build a winner?

If you need to pay above the collusion rate suggested by the comish, you do it. I think the Padres fan deserve it.

Padres fans deserve more than what they have received in 2008.

Congrats on Darnell!

Paul DePodesta said...


It's something we talk about often. I haven't spoken with Buddy about it today, but I do know that Jake has had five days off instead of four in between starts in each of the past three turns in the rotation, and he only threw 97 pitches six days ago. Due to that, my guess is that Buddy felt he had a little more room to work with today.

Chris said...


It sounds like Dykstra's avascular necrosis is worse than anyone had anticipated. I would much rather have the compensatory pick in the next draft.

Kipnis is a fourth rounder asking for at least $600,000 over slot. That's big money for a 4th rounder. He either doesn't want to play for the Padres or a big league club yet so he can cash out next year, or wants to finish his education.

Mooneyham made it clear he wasn't going to sign with anyone and wants to go to school. He's looking for the big payout at a later date.

Considering how many first rounders have gone unsigned so far this year, I think the Padres have done great, especially with the international signings.

Poolie said...

Leblanc please!!!

Call up pitching prospects!
I mean the kids can't possibly do much worse than Ledezma/Hensley/Banks/Seung/Baek/Meredith/Corey/and(in advance)Falkenborg.

Plus they would so much more fun to watch than the above...

Unknown said...


LeBlanc has only allowed 3 runs in the past 32 innings and Ramos 3 runs in 30.2 innings.

I say those are hot arms. The minor leagues are about learning as much as results. I think the learning curve was the first half of the season, now the results are starting to show.

The thing that makes Dykstra less dissappointing is the fact that they get a pick in 2009, but there is nothing to show for Kipnis, a 4th rounder is a high pick. If the kid was a risk of signing, the Padres should have used thier #3 pick on him and selected Sawyer Carroll with the #4, he was a senior with little leverage as opposed to a sophmore eligible.


Players fall down on boards because of signability not necesarily talent. Kipnis had a .337 avg in his first year in Kentucky and an obp close to .450

I say you pay him, there is enough upside.

Mooneyham is a very good pitching talent, you can buy him out of the scholarship by giving him a nice bonus and also paying for his education, he can study once he is done with baseball.

If you have to pay above the collusion rate, you pay it, specially if you are going to build from within.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

i dont understand not paying for such a quality player like mooneyham. just give him what he wants

Unknown said...

at least the Padres tried. I read that the club offered 1.4 million to Mooneyham. It helps to reduce the sting...

Masticore317 said...

Is Reineke going to get CY's spot, since he's already on the 40 man?

Masticore317 said...

Any chance we see some of Portland's finest before the year is out? I'm talking about Peter Ciofrone, Will Venable, Geer, LeBlanc, Dirk Hayhurst, Edwin Moreno.

Or is too hard to find room on the 40 man?

Editor said...

Once today passes, are you free to talk about not signing these picks means for the team next year? For example, I know the team will receive #23 overall(and not just a compensation pick) for Dykstra. However, what about the other picks? Does the team end up getting a 4th Round pick for Kipnis as well?

Furthermore, with so much 1st round talent not signing and appearing to either head back to school, etc., does that mean next year's draft could be extremely deep? I mean theoretically the Padres could have the 1st or 3rd overall, and the 23rd and a draft with a ton of talent. Does that make not signing some of these picks more alluring?

Unknown said...

I think the issue with offering Mooneyham 1.4M(which is about what the #20 pick receives) is that he was rated the top LHP in the draft out of high school....those guys go in the top 10 and warrant the 2M that Boras is asking for.

I'll be very disappointed in the organization if they lose both Dykstra and Mooneyham. Shouldn't we be trying to add significant talent in the draft, if we are then why would the 2 most talented guys picked not be signed?

One thing I really don't want to hear: that the international signings affected our ability to sign these kids. Where did the 3M or so saved from trading Wolf go? Wouldn't it have been smarter to give Maddux to the Dodgers for nothing and sign your draft picks with the savings?

Maybe it's just a last place year, but seeing 1st round picks blow up every year isn't very much fun.

SammyG said...

So what was your thoughts on Sandy's interview on XX Radio, where he expressed his disdain for bloggers?

I totally agree with Sandy on this one, all bloggers are terrible and I would never be caught on a "blog".

Chris said...


We don't get anything for not signing the 4th rounder. It's a lost pick unfortunately.

Tom said...

Current reports are that the Padres entire worry on Dykstra is his hip. I'd been hoping that the medical exam found something else, because if you're worried about the hip, it's a crushing indictment of the supposedly revamped Padre scouting system. It's better for Dykstra because apparently there's nothing else wrong with him. For all the talk about the new Padres drafting process, this looks an awful lot like another dropped ball. Didn't anybody bother to look up "avascular necrosis?" Do the Padre offices not have internet access?

Gee, Sandy, I wonder why people "pop off" about some Padre picks. Were the makeup questions about Cole, Chisenall, Collier, or whomever REALLY more worrying than a hip injury that even the most basic research should have warned you about?

Unknown said...

If he wants 2 million, give it to Mooneyham, and take it out from the budget from 2009.

By not signing Kipnis, Dykstra and Thebeau, there is enough money to spend.

The Padres fans deserve better.

Paul DePodesta said...


Sandy was actually talking about anonymous sources being used as the basis for a story.