Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Eulogio De La Cruz

It's no secret that we've continued to look for arms this spring, and today we added another in 25-year old right-hander Eulogio DeLaCruz in a trade with the Florida Marlins.

Eulogio has been both a starter and reliever in the minor leagues, though he worked primarily as a starter last season in AAA Albuquerque. Originally signed by Detroit out of Santo Domingo, the Tigers traded Eulogio to Florida in December '07 as part of the Miguel Cabrera/Dontrelle Willis deal.

Described by our scouts as a "little bull with a big arm" DeLaCruz has supposedly thrown 100 mph. Most of the time, however, he sits between 93-97 mph with his fastball, which he complements with both a CB and a CH. He has just 16 innings at the big league level (and they weren't very pretty), but we believe he's big league ready. And now for my standard ending... we're excited to have him.

In all seriousness, Eulogio adds some power to our pitching staff that should be helpful regardless of the role. He'll be joining our camp sometime before the end of the weekend.


Unknown said...

I really like this addition. What about the ptbnl? or will it be cash?

I am very happy that the team is finally getting some high upside live arms in the pipeline.

Your Padres said...

how many Pitchers did the Padres bring to camp?

Wazzel Sport's Humor said...

I heard some comments the other day (don't remember where from) that some of the Padres front office felt the team needed more power arms and less "pitchability" (I'm going to assume that means pitchers who thrive off of control rather than stuff).

This clearly seems like an answer to that as De La Cruz is certainly more of a "stuff" guy than "pitchability" guy. Whether or not De La Cruz proves to be a better option than a Britton is yet to be seen.

Padman42 said...

Mr Depodesta,
I really liked this move. Seems like he could be a big time contributor to the pen (even if last seasons numbers dont indicate it). With such little time left in Spring Training will these guys (meaning him, Gregerson, and Hill) just be given spots on the team or will there be some transition time.
Also it looks like none of the guys that we signed are out of options. Does this mean there is a high probability that between KT, yourself, and SA/Moorad that the Padres will more than likely still add another pitcher or two as the out of options players are waived?
Thanks again for a great blog

AdamGuttridge said...

Wow, Paul... perhaps the best 'free talent' acquisition I've seen this offseason. I have him as basically a lg avg SP last year, which gets masked by the fact the Albuquerque is murder on your superficial numbers.

One thing that's always impressed me with Cruz is his mastery of the stealth weapon; HR prevention. That will play well in Petco.

Paul DePodesta said...


That's a moving target! We've added a handful of arms in the past week - Sanchez, Hill, Gregerson, and now DeLaCruz - so the numbers keeps changing. I won't be surprised if it changes some more.

Paul DePodesta said...


DeLaCruz is out of options. That said, we continue to explore different deals for more pitching.

Paul DePodesta said...


We agree! He's not built up to start right now, but we do envision that as a possibility in the future.

kaach said...

How does the tone of negotiations change when you know that the player is out of options and you are dealing with a motivated seller? That is, how do you deal with having the Marlins over a barrel without them feeling like it?
PS: Daryle Ward and Brendan Donnelly. wink/nudge.

John Hutt said...

Paul, Any comments on the Burke sale? Does it mean that Cabrera will stick?

Tim said...

He looked good today and seems to have the nutty mentality of a late-inning reliever. Nice pickup.

jdelavalle said...


Great move. I think one thing that often gets overlooked (I guess cause no one look past his fastball) is that impressive 60% GB rate. As a Marlins fan, it hurts to see him go.

Paul, I wasnt sure where to ask this so ill just do it here. Do you see Frieri as a starter or as a reliever? Why? Also, is there anything you can tell me about Javier Diaz, a pitcher signed out of Colombia last year?

Paul DePodesta said...


Last year we moved Frieri into the rotation in Lake Elsinore in order get him more innings for development purposes. Then he went out and was Lake Elsinore's best starter. He will continue to start this season in San Antonio.

Matt Birnbach said...

do not call him "frankie"... he hated that nickname while with the fish

now calling him the Notorious DLC, that could work