Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tournament Time

We're coming into the final turn for this year's amateur draft, which means many of our scouts and front office personnel are bouncing all over the country to get a final look at some of the top players. That's what brings me to Hoover, Alabama.

For the third year in a row I'm here in Hoover at the SEC Tournament, and we're currently between games two and three (of four in the day). The day starts early with the first game at 10am, and the hope is that the last pitch will be thrown sometime before 2am. It's a long day of baseball.

Nevertheless, it's worth it. The SEC is often loaded with talent. In last year's draft we selected Logan Forsythe (Arkansas), James Darnell (South Carolina), Sawyer Carroll (Kentucky), Cole Figueroa (Florida), Andrew Albers (Kentucky), and Matt Clark (LSU) all in the first 12 rounds or so. The Padres haven't been alone.

In just the past three or four years many top prospects and some young big leaguers have played in this tournament, including guys like David Price, Pedro Alvarez, Matt LaPorta, Pedro Borbon, JP Arencibia, Reese Havens, Luke Hochevar, Jess Todd, Lance Lynn, Chris Coughlan, Casey Weathers, Gordon Beckham, and Padres Chase Headley, Wynn Pelzer, and Nick Schmidt. That's why the crowd is filled with Crosscheckers, Scouting Directors, and General Managers.

The second half of this day one should be a good one, as a number of highly touted players will be on the field. I just hope it's over before sunrise.


David Spencer said...

Paul, I realize that you probably have to keep most of the revelations to yourself, but I'd love to hear about the guys who are clearly early-rounders and have great tournaments.

Enjoy the rest of the evening.


Your Padres said...

please find us a Ryan Braun. please

Unknown said...


What can you (and the scouting team) learn in virtually a couple days that you didn't learn so far?

cmb said...


What did you think of Vanderbilt starter Mike Minor's performance? And where does he project in the June draft?


Gavin said...

Paul, I have to vent. If the reports are true we are trading Peavy to Chicago for Poreda, Richard and two PTBNLs. This can't be serious, right?

I just can't believe that Poreda is the centerpiece of a Jake freaking Peavy deal. If you guys really liked Poreda you could have drafted him instead of Nick Schmidt, a "pitchability" darling (translation: #5 type who will NEVER have an impact at the ML level) who will never get the Pads an adequate return.

Unless Gordon Beckham is one of the PTBNLs (ESPN is reporting he isn't) this potential trade stinks. BAD.

As I see it you guys are basically trading our most prized asset for a player we should have already had and 3 fringe pieces, all who will never be impact players in the majors.

I can only hope Jake vetoes this deal.

Of course, if the report is untrue, I apologize...except for the Schmidt part. That still stinks.

Schlom said...


Maybe you can explain the Gerut for Gwynn trade to us. Basically it looks like you traded a player who was your best outfielder last season to save about $900k. To me, that makes absolutely zero sense because you are sending the message that you have absolutely no intention of competing this season. Which in turn will lead to more crowds like the ones the last few games which seem like in the long run they will cost the team much more than $1m.

Also since you are dumping Gerut does that mean that Giles will soon be designated and Venable or Blanks will take his spot?

In Love with Betty said...

I very much appreciate the information about draft preparation, but where's the post about the big club? Peavy rejects trade, Tony Gwynn, Jr. is now a Padre and he scores the winning run in the ninth inning in a dramatic come-from-behind victory.

jay in SF said...

Good lucky flying home. I am curious what you see in Gwynn or did not see in Gerut that makes this trade interesting to us.

My first reaction, frankly, was that it was deeply cynical. Trying to trade Peavy, which is horrible for the fan base but may be the right thing to do, and, so distract them with bringing in the son of the SD's favorite son. I am hoping that is not it.

Last season may have been a fluke, but Gerut was one of the best CF's last year, at least offensively. What gives?

Padman42 said...

Speaking of scouting for the draft, the UT recently reported that the Padres are down to 5 players for the #3 pick in the draft. They went on to say it will probably come down to Donovan Tate vs Aaron Crow, and that since Crow would be cheaper they would probably pick him.
Being under "partial" new ownership and a new CEO and COO will money play a factor in drafting? It seems like a lot of people are weary of another pick like Nick Schmidt, but I am optimistic about wither Crow or Tate. I think I just want to hear that money is (and will not be) a factor in the selection in 2 weeks, but rather the Padres will pick the best player regardless of salary.
Slightly on the same topic, is their any update on Everth Cabrerra? I heard XX report that Everth took ground balls at shortt for the first time earlier in the week. How close is he to going out on a rehab assignment?

As always thanks again Paul for running such a great blog.