Thursday, August 6, 2009

Quick Hits - Minor League Version

Some notes from our affiliates:

AAA Portland
  • After coming back from Tommy John surgery last season to pitch in Lake Elsinore and the Arizona Fall League, Cesar Carrillo began the year with AA San Antonio. After his first seven starts he had a 6.52 ERA in 38.2 innings. Since that time, however, he has looked more like the Carrillo of old, posting a 3.17 ERA over 82.1 innings while both his fastball (up to 95mph at times) and command (walks from 4.0 per nine down to 2.2 per nine) returned. He has since been moved up to AAA Portland where he has a 4.09 after his first two starts.
  • Eulogio DeLaCruz made a handful of starts for AAA Portland after being sent down, but then we moved him to the bullpen where he has thrived. In 34.2 innings he has six saves to go along with his 2.60 ERA. Routinely touching 97 and 98 mph and having allowed just two homers in 51 innings in the hitter-friendly PCL, Eulogio is a power back-end bullpen prospect.
AA San Antonio
  • While Carrillo was turning the corner from TJ surgery, Ernesto Frieri was busy being the most consistent starter on his staff for the second consecutive season. A 40-man roster member, Ernesto is currently 10th in the Texas League in ERA (3.52) while also holding down the 4th spot in strikeouts (86).
  • Toward the end of June we promoted former compensation round pick Cory Luebke to AA since he was leading the Cal League in ERA (2.34). Since his promotion he's had to battle a hamstring injury, but that hasn't stopped him. The left-hander has a 1.10 ERA after his first four starts.
A+ Lake Elsinore
  • 2008 2nd round pick James Darnell tore up the Midwest League to the tune of .329/.468/.518 before joining A+ Lake Elsinore. After a short adjustment period, James is now hitting .305/.384/.603 for the Storm. For the year he now has 17 homers, 47 extra base hits, and 75 walks in just 363 at-bats.
  • Signed out of Garden City JC, Aaron Breit began the year in the Lake Elsinore pen after splitting time in the rotation and the pen in Fort Wayne in 2008. After posting a 3.15 ERA out of the pen, the 6'4" right-hander moved into the rotation and didn't miss a beat with a 3.07 ERA in seven starts. For the year he now has a 3.11 ERA in 75.1 innings with 67 hits, 30 walks, and an impressive 94 strikeouts.
A Fort Wayne (best record in baseball at 75-34)
  • Trying to hit against Simon Castro may be hazardous to your health. The hard thrower is currently leading the league in strikeouts with 125 in 108.2 innings and just 30 walks, but what's particularly impressive is that he just keeps getting better. His ERA's by month: 4.32, 4.11, 3.12, 2.67, 1.80. Over his past seven starts he has a 2.55 ERA in 35.1 innings with 50 strikeouts and just 31 baserunners allowed.
  • Alexis Lara had a rough start to the season pitching out of the Ft Wayne pen. When the weather began to turn, however, so did Alexis. Since June 1 he has a 1.41 ERA with 48 strikeouts and just 24 baserunners allowed in 32 innings pitched. Both Castro and Lara routinely throw from 92-95mph.
SA Eugene
  • Left-hander starter Nick Greenwood currently leads the Northwest League in ERA with a 1.66 in 48.2 innings. In his nine professional starts, he has allowed more than one earned run just twice, and he has yet to allow a homer. Lefties, in particular, are miserable in the box against Nick, as they've gone just 6 for 58.
  • Signed out of the Dominican in 2007, Edinson Rincon was the rare player who made his US debut at just 16 years of age. Now 18, Edinson is playing in short-A with mostly college draftees. He must not have noticed, because he's hitting an astonishing .331/.430/.536 and is in the top five in the league in average, on-base, and slugging.
  • I'm breaking the mold and going with three highlights from Eugene, because I can't leave out middle infielder Vince Belnome. Hitting .319/.444/.550, Vince leads the Northwest League in homers, rbi, and runs, is 2nd in extra base hits, and 3rd in on-base and slugging. A left-handed hitter, Vince has also hit lefties at a .964 ops clip.
Rookie Arizona
  • First baseman Cody Decker went on an absolute rampage in July slugging .778 en route to a season line of .343/.417/.694. The UCLA product is currently leading the AZL in homers, extra base hits, slugging, and rbi, and he's also third in both runs and hits.
  • One of our major Latin American signings in 2008, Adys Portillo skipped the Dominican Summer League and began his pro career here in the US at the age of 17. Adjusting to the competition wasn't easy, and after his first four starts he had a 6.92 ERA in just 13 innings. Since then, however, Adys has shown why he belongs with a 3.20 ERA and 21 strikeouts in 25.1 innings.
Dominican Summer League
  • Another one of our prominent signings in 2008, Luis Domoromo has had a solid start to his career with a .387 obp, 37 walks, and six triples. The left-handed hitting 17 year old has also posted a .765 ops against RHP. Remember, the offensive stats in the Dominican are similar to the Cape Cod Leauge in the US - pitching generally rules.
  • Keeping the nature of the Dominican offensive statistics in mind makes the performance of Yair Lopez even more impressive. The 6'3", 17 year old outfielder had a .900 ops in July to bring his season totals to .293/.419/.420 with 15 extra base hits, 14 stolen bases, and 38 walks in just 181 at-bats.


SammyG said...

I've read that E. Rincon makes scouts giddy with his raw talent and athleticism. What position do you see for him in the future and would he be a possible spring training invitee?

Unknown said...

I posted this in the major league quick hits but i feel this is a better forum for my question Can you talk a little about Cedric Hunter. I know he is still young and I still think he is going to be a good major leaguer but what is the cause for his minor dropoff this year? His obp is not very good but he still has only struck out 36 times in 450 pa is it just a year of bad luck for him? Thanks

Anonymous said...

It is nice to see the Padres finally get some talent in the lower minors after years of utter futility. Seeing Latos, Blanks, and Cabrera emerge really is the highlight of the season.

Now go out and sign Tate/Williams. I'm a little frustrated with the direction in the Williams negotiation. If you aren't going to go well over slot, don't select a HS kid projected to be a top 20 pick. He has little incentive to sign a slot deal.

WebSoulSurfer said...


I am very excited by what I have seen from the bats in the Padres farm system so far this season.

From Liriano to Rincon to the Deckers(Cody and Jaff) to Carroll and Darnell to Forsythe to Baxter.

There is a tremendous amount of talent and depth in the OF and at the corner IF positions.

Cumberland, Zawadski, Sogard, Weems and Antonelli (if he can get healthy and turn it around) can fill the middle infield positions ably as well.

And with the addition of so many power arms, the Padres farm system is shaping up as one of the better ones in baseball this season.

The future is bright and the top 2009 draft picks are not even signed yet.

chiefgaytonfan said...

Do you have any info on Juan Oramas and his stuff looked this year in the Mexican League? Is he going to join Fort Wayne or Lake Elsinore for playoff after the Mexican League playoffs are over?

Cpt Top Off said...

Paul, I realize you can't comment on this until the signing deadline passes, but I just wanted to voice my thoughts. I'm optimistic that if the Pads receive "cash considerations" from the Yankess in exchange for Gaudin, that cash will be used to help sign Williams and Sampson. We need all the top-end talent we can get and to let one of these guys out of our grasp would basically be telling the fans "meet the new boss...same as the old boss." I trust that the club will do the right thing and make these guys Padres. Thanks.

Ace said...


Is there any chance you could give us an update on Evan Scribner? Is there any chance we see him in San Diego when the rosters expand?

Schlom said...


In the UT today it mentions that you need a starter to fill Gaudin's start on Tuesday and that the candidates are Leblanc, Geer, Carrillo, and Poreda. I don't think too many Padre fans would be excited if either Leblanc or Geer makes the start (and it appears neither is in the team's future plans). Would there be any reason why you wouldn't recall Carrillo? Or is Poreda ahead of him right now?

Jason - said...

Very encouraging to see Carrillo get back on track. It's easy to tell by looking at his game-by-game stats that he has slowly regained his command. I have one question, though. What do you think the reason for the huge dropoff in his K/IP rate (116 K in 125.1 IP before surgery; 98 K in 189.1 IP since returning)? Is he focused more on getting the batters to put the ball in play early in the count or is he still trying to regain command on his breaking pitch? Just wondering. I'm looking forward to seeing him pitch in San Diego in September. Or is that sooner after the Gaudin trade?

sdsuaztec4 said...


What even happened to Bo Davis? He was off to a great start at Eugene. Did he get injured?

sdsuaztec4 said...

I'm sorry Paul. I'm also going to have to agree to the other readers. I don't know how much longer I can watch Kevin Kouzmanoff have terrible ABs. I'd rather watch Josh Geer pitch...and THAT's saying something. Please return Chase back to 3B where he belongs so he can get his swing back. Thank you for your consideration.

David Spencer said...

For a long time, I've felt like sdsuaztec44 does about Kouzmanoff, but I'm beginning to reconsider my position. I realize that 3rd base is optimally the spot for a great hitter, but given what I've seen from Kouzmanoff as a defensive player, I'm starting to think that I'd be OK with his bat as is.

At the end of next April, when Kouz is going through his traditional slow start, I may feel differently. Somebody get that boy a timing mechanism in his swing!

Interestingly, just as I was feeling like the decision between Headley and Kouzmanoff at third was swaying towards Kouz, Headley has come on with the bat.

MSpiciarich said...

Will former Big East Triple Crown winner Craig Cooper be getting a promotion anytime soon? He has shown plenty of potential everywhere he's been. He deserves a shot.

Anonymous said...

I love how u start posting again as soon as ur team isnt as miserable. Yet you disappeared when they were horrid. Well I expect you to disappear again within weeks with your remaining schedule. Even terrible teams do well at some point in a 162 game season. Stop spinning. Padres are still awful. Peavey was a glorified salary dump. Once these pitcher get figured out its back to the crying bored. Keep the faith rejects

JD said... says Carrillo is being called up for Thursday's game against Milwaukee. If this is true, I'm totally excited. I just wish it was on a day when I would be able to watch the game.

Matty D said...

Jason Jennings of 99.9 The Fan reports that Donovan Tate left the UNC football program and appears likely to sign. Can you comment on this Paul?

field39 said...


Go ahead, update us on Tate. You know you want to. We promise not to tell

Matthew Wines said...

Paul please it's down to the wire here we finally have a great draft lets sign our picks. Really frustrating to not sign these guys after most of us agree it was nice to see some higher risk high upside highschool guys. Lets get it done.

Unknown said...

getting to the show is great accomplishment for Carrillo!

He should rebound, I liked what the the radar had to say... Hopefully he does not become the next Julian Tavarez.

What makes a draft successful in your eyes?