Thursday, May 20, 2010

Good Article

I normally don't provide a lot of links (I know I should provide more), but I just came across an article about Jon Garland from Marc Normandin of BP that is worth sharing.

While the article is specifically about Garland, it actually is a good commentary on our pitching in general. What's particularly astute is that Marc points out that while Garland's ERA will likely rise, his SIERA (BP's advanced pitching metric) may actually continue to go down. Regardless, his value is real.

This is an individual example that is similar to the team examples I posted yesterday. The general theme? Our guys are having a lot of success, and while luck is always a significant factor especially over such an abbreviated time frame, there are some underlying reasons for the success to date.

After posting this, I saw another article about Jon Garland on FanGraphs. It's like dueling banjos!

The different perspectives are legitimate, but the most interesting part is that both articles share a common takeaway.

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mweldon said...

Even Scribner spent the year at AA last year and did pretty well. I see he is still at AA this year. He has had success at every level and I wondered why he was held back this year.