Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Jablonski (Rico) Noel

Bisson is really fast. Noel might be faster.

Rico is the CF for Coastal Carolina, and in his past 125 college games, he has stolen 104 bases. That's silly. Possibly more importantly, we think he's the best defensive centerfielder in the entire draft and is a perfect fit for PETCO.

A right-handed hitter, Rico is another guy we think has great makeup. With Gyorko, Bisson, and Noel, we have some small strike zones!


Pontus said...

Paul, looking at the comments made by the front office leading up to the draft, there was a definite emphasis in taking advantage of the unique confines of Petco, and it looks like they are executing that in this draft. Does this also mean that the Padres are de-emphasizing traditional power, or is there an acknowledgement that some Adrian types are still needed going forward?

Unknown said...

LOVE that we're going after character guys with speed and are little less "toolsy" by baseball standards. These guys all seem like gamers, just the kind of players I love to watch!

Paul DePodesta said...


Not necessarily, as we still need power. However, a few of these players that we took early today are middle of the diamond players where we're not really looking for power. Jedd Gyorko, our 2nd rounder, definitely has good power even though he's been a SS in college.