Thursday, February 26, 2009

It's Really Starting

Today we play our first official Cactus League game, which marks the beginning of our spring training season. The title of this post, however, refers more to my daily routine than to the big league team, as I'll see eight games over the next four days starting with a tripleheader today.

I start today with our Major League game, which I'll leave early in order to hurry over to a local high school game before it begins to see a high profile pitcher. Near the conclusion of that game, I'll jump back in the car and head to Arizona State for the ASU/Missouri matchup that most of the scouting world will see.

It'll be a long day, and the quality of play will vary dramatically, but it should be productive. Oh yeah, it'll probably be fun, too.


Cpt Top Off said...

(from my miserable 9-5 job staring at a computer all day long) I feel very sorry for you Paul. Hope you can make it through your long, long day. :)

Nick D. said...

Are you allowed to mention the HS pitcher by name?

sdsuaztec4 said...


I am going to the SDSU Aztec vs. Nevada game today. I will be scouting Steven Strasburg for you. I'll get that report to you ASAP.

You Know Me! said...

Have you noticed what Dustin Ackley has done so far this year? Hint..Hint..

Paul DePodesta said...

Nick D,

Sure. I went to see Jake Barrett yesterday. I don't mind putting that out there, because there were literally about 50 scouts in attendance.

Jake said...

I can't seem but to get the entire Mark Prior "vibe" every time that I hear Strasburg's statline and after hearing some thoughts that his mechanics aren't perfect.

However, he sure racks up a ****-load of strikeouts.

mweldon said...

Here's the Stephen Strasburg report: He's good.

WebSoulSurfer said...


Were you at the ASU game just to look at the one that got away in Kipnis or were you scouting pitching too?

I saw part of the game Spence pitched against Missouri on Tuesday and he looks real good but I think most scouts like Leake better. I may be wrong about that though.

I always seem to like the lefties better though. So maybe its my own bias.

Leake is a San Diego product though, so maybe you can get a SD discount by signing him.

David said...

I just have to say that as a Padre fan, the current poll made me throw up a little bit. The notion that some combination from that list will represent 40% of a rotation anywhere above Double-A (completely ignoring that a 29 year old with a track record of failure is another 20% of that rotation) is truly tear-inducing.

Fausto said...

Hi Paul Do You Think Dave Roberts Can be a posibility for the Friars we need the speed and his clubhous presence could be very helpfull what do you think $ 400,000 is 2 much for the Pads, or do you think his SD roots are going to bring him back... Good Day..