Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Lineup Changes

The starters have all left the game, so we now have the following around the diamond:

Eliezer Alfonzo, C
Kyle Blanks, 1B
Travis Denker, 2B
Chris Burke, SS
Pete Ciofrone, 3B
Emil Brown, LF
Drew Macias, CF
Cedric Hunter, RF


Dan said...

I love this part of the spring training games, it is usually my first look at the future. Get Decker and Kulbacki in the outfield to join Hunter.

By the way, thanks for the updates!

Steve Adler said...

Can we expect to see Cabrera?

Jonas Schulberg said...


I just want to thank you for making everything so accesible and reaching out to us baseball fans.

Anyway, good luck this season and since I live rather close to teh Peoria Sports Complex I'm hoping to make it to a good number of spring games this year.

Thanks again.

Melvin Nieves said...

Can we expect inning by inning updates the rest of the season?

Paul DePodesta said...


No chance!