Friday, April 10, 2009

Claiming Luis Perdomo

This afternoon we announced that we claimed RHP Luis Perdomo off waivers from the San Francisco Giants. He should be in uniform for tonight's game...against the Giants.

Luis has bounced around a bit in the past ten months. Originally signed by Cleveland out of the Dominican Republic, Luis started last season in the Carolina League for the Indians. After making a successful move to AA, Cleveland traded him to St. Louis for RHP Anthony Reyes. Between his two AA stops he threw 33 innings, giving up 30 hits and 13 walks while striking out 39.

The Cardinals decided not to protect Luis on their 40-man roster this winter, and the Giants selected him in the first round of the Rule 5 draft. After a strong start this spring Luis ultimately lost the battle for a spot in the Giants' pen and was the last player designated before Opening Day. Featuring a hard sinker up to 94 mph and a tough slider, Luis reminds me a little of a younger Luis Vizcaino.

To make room on the 25-man roster we have optioned OF Drew Macias to AAA, so we'll be going with 13 pitchers in the immediate term as we evaluate our different bullpen options. To make room on the 40-man roster (since we were already at 40), we have designated infielder Travis Denker for assignment. Because Luis was a Rule 5 selection back in December, we will be under the same Rule 5 restrictions as if we had selected him in that draft - we cannot send him to the minors without him passing through waivers and being offered back to the Cardinals for $25,000.


sdsuaztec4 said...

I'm very excited to have him. I hope Denker clears and he can return to the minors.

Darren said...


Good pickup, should be interesting how the pitching spots pan out. I would love your insight on how a front office decides to pursue players like Luis and the rule 5 implications you have to face.

Thanks for the post.

Anonymous said...


This question is unrelated to your post, sorry. I saw yesterday that the Diamondbacks have been approved by Selig for the All-Star game in 2011. What gives? Does the MLB front office forget that San Diego has had a new ballpark for years now, and is located in one of the best cities in the world? How long before we get one to show off our new ballpark?

They can't use the excuse of our current payroll woes or projected wins, because they snubbed us for the last three years as well while we were doing very well. They can't claim they couldn't run the HR Derby here, either - players hit home runs here the same as everywhere else.

Is there anything we, as fans, can do to get some recognition for our team and get the All-Star game here?

Steve Adler said...

Can you explain what that means for Denker?

Danny said...

Again, thanks for the blog. Reading you from an aircraft carrier underway off the west coast, it's great to have the connection to the home team.

Jj said...

When does Denker clear waivers? If he does will he go to San Antonio?

Dad said...

I'm a Cardinals fan, but I just want to say this blog is outstanding.

A ranking member of the Front Office blogging and interacting with the fans is an absolute groundbreaking event. Kudos!

The Cards should have protected Perdomo. They had open spots on the 40 man! Hopefully the Padres fast start plus the addition of Chad Gaudan means we'll get him back.

Tim said...

I mean this in the best way because I like all of the moves (including Gaudin this weekend), but does it kind of feel to you guys that you're picking through other teams' trash at this point? Do you guys joke about that or have you been teased by any other front offices?

Unknown said...


What can you tell us about Chad Gaudin?
The ballpark is a big drawing card for pitchers, lets keep it that way and not move in the fences. I feel it gives the Padres another advantage when recruiting pitchers, the city, the weather, and Petco. If you have a fair ballpark, you do not have an advantage other that a beautiful city. What is your opinion on that subject (moving the fences)?

Glenna said...

Does the magic pixie dust you guys use for finding productive relievers work in other environments such as an office setting? And where do you get it? I've checked Walmart, Walgreens, and other fine shopping establishments.

thepadfather said...

Just out of curiosity, I saw that Watt was used in a relief role out in Ft. Wayne. I was wondering if you guys see him as a stat?er or will keep him in a relief role

Paul DePodesta said...

Steve and JJ,

Unfortunately, the Red Sox claimed Travis Denker this morning, so he's headed East.

Paul DePodesta said...


We don't look at it that way. Sometimes guys just don't fit elsewhere (due to roster number or established bullpen roles, etc) and are just in need of an opportunity. We targeted a handful of guys back in October/November that could potentially be available, and fortunately we were able to land a handful of them... it just took us until the week or two before Opening Day to do so.

Paul DePodesta said...


Target. :-)

Paul DePodesta said...


First of all, great handle - probably the best one I've seen.

Watt was used in relief the other day, but we don't see that as his role. The fact is that we had a handful of starters (more than five) that we felt deserved to start the season with Fort Wayne, and Michael was one of those guys. So, rather than keep him in Extended Spring Training, we sent him to Fort Wayne, and I suspect he'll get plenty of innings as the season continues.

WebSoulSurfer said...


It has taken a while to write this because I was so taken back by what the Padres did and I am hoping you can help me understand.

Why did the Padres waive Denker to make room for Perdomo on the 40 man roster instead of some of the truly mediocre pitchers you kept?

Denker is 23 and is a very good fielding infielder with some pop in his bat who made the jump from A ball to the major leagues last season.

Is he really less valuable to a the team that is extremely short on middle infielders than Ramos, Thatcher, Frieri or Ekstrom?

Thatcher is 27 years old and his skills are regressing. He seems to be able to get the job done in AAA, but he was terrible as a Padre last season and in spring training. He would have sailed through waivers.

Ekstrom, whom I watched play at PLNU, is a good young pitcher, but at 25 is he more valuable to the team than Denker was?

Please explain what the team was thinking on this one.

Daniel Yowell "San Diego Tax Center said...

Paul, my tip is on the Rule 5 draft. Watch the Detroit Tiger system very closely. They have an abundance of pitchers who will one day be MLB starters or relievers who are not on their 40 man roster. There are two at single A ball [Furbush, Weinhardt]that stand out among others who definately could pitch for SD next year. Check them out and let me know your thoughts.