Thursday, April 2, 2009

Get Ready for Opening Day

As I'm cleaning up my office in Arizona to head back to San Diego, I just packed away this year's edition of Ducksnorts (available now!). If you want some good reading to get you ready for Monday's opener against the Dodgers, I highly recommend it (once you get past the foreword). Once again, Geoff Young did a great job of putting last season into perspective and providing analysis on the season to come.

It appears as though Geoff won't be doing quite as much posting this year, so take the opportunity to get his analysis in the Ducksnorts annual.

Also, Tom Tango is running a community forecast for Major League playing time. You can either vote with your head or your heart on this one. I recommend submitting your forecast BEFORE opening up the results so that no biases (other than your own) creep in to the results. I'll be checking the tallies on Monday morning.


Clint said...

Still my favorite blog, and I'm not even a Padres fan. Keep up the great work, Paul.

Eagle All Access said...

Mr. DePodesta,

I'm a Sox fan, but I have always enjoyed your work and reading your insights here on the blog. I am a college student hoping to pursue a career in baseball. Any advice?

Thanks and best of luck this season.

Unknown said...

I join the recommendation on Geoff's book! (and hope that both him and Paul would write more in their respective blogs...)

Michael Gonzales said...

Haven't bought the 09 annual yet but the previous two were great. A must have for any padres fan interested in digging a little deeper.

I'll see you guys at the park on Monday! Go Padres.

Sakei said...

Anyone else having problems with the link to Tango's community forecast? It says there web certificate is expired. And even when you go past that, there's some weird login page.

Unknown said...

Paul, a belated thanks for the plug and also for contributing the foreword to this year's edition.

Thanks also to Itay and Michael for the kind words. Go Pads!