Thursday, June 24, 2010

Interleague Success

Well, it's been a while since we've been able to write that...eleven long years to be exact.

1997: 8-8
1998: 6-7
1999: 11-4

Hey, this interleague thing isn't so bad.

2000: 5-10
2001: 6-9
2002: 8-10
2003: 8-10
2004: 8-10
2005: 7-11
2006: 7-8
2007: 6-9
2008: 3-15 ouch
2009: 5-10

Yes, the last time we finished with a winning record in interleague play was actually 1999, and the last decade had produced a painful 63-102 record for us against the American League. 2002-2007 wasn't so bad, but it had gotten ugly the past couple of years. This year, therefore, we're more than happy to take the 9-6 tally and the four series wins.

There are a lot of theories about why the National League, in general, has struggled against the American League over the years - the dedicated roster spot for the DH, some higher payrolls, just more talent overall. We don't necessarily know the answer, but we do know we're pleased to buck the trend.


Colin said...

I gotta say, Paul, it's really nice to see you guys having success as an organization...and I'm not even a Pads fan! I just want to see you guys turn it around, and I'd love to see Adrian Gonzalez lead this team to the playoffs.

I have a question regarding Jose De Paula in Fort Wayne. It seems like he's always been a starter, so I was surprised to see him getting relief appearances this season. Is the plan just to bring him along slowly and monitor pitch counts because of last season's arm troubles? Is his future as a starter?

Christina said...

I hold my breath every series wondering if the Padres can keep up the pace they started on the second half of last year. And so far, so good, no matter who the opponent!

field39 said...

First Interleague success, then The World Series. I don't want much....

sdsuaztec4 said...

Off topic but, pretty exciting that Tekotte was promoted to the Missions today. Seems like you were just talking about drafting him on this blog.

Also, I know it's super early but Gyorko has gotten off to a blazing hot start. Since he's a pretty polished college player, he's going to advance in the system fairly quickly I'm imagine.

Steve Adler (Friarhood) said...

Nice new snappy background!

Paul DePodesta said...

The Ph.Dude,

Jose is starting now and will continue to into the future. He is coming off of surgery last season, so we were taking it slowly to build him back up, but he has the repertoire of a starter.

Colin said...

Thanks, Paul. I'm rooting for you guys...until you meet up with my Braves in the playoffs, that is.

mweldon said...

1. Ernesto Frieri
2. Craig Italiano
3. Evan Scribner
4. Luis Perdomo
5. Anybody else on the planet

This is my prioritized list of people who I would like to give Mujica's roster spot to.

field39 said...

If you guys aren'g going to give Cunningham a shot. You should do the right thing and trade him to a team that isn't so loaded with productive outfielders.

Cpt Top Off said...

Paul, I haven't seen Everett Williams or Galvez in the Fort Wayne boxscores lately. Anything we should know? Did they get hurt or moved to another squad? Thanks Paul.

Paul DePodesta said...

Cpt Top Off,

They both have what are hopefully minor injuries right now. Galvez sprained his ankle, and Williams has some tricep soreness.

Howard Lynch said...

Paul - a comment at MadFriars today sounds very reasonable to me ...

Why is Latos scheduled to start on Thursday? They could spot Stauffer in his slot on Thursday and, by virtue of the post All-Star break schedule, give him essentially three weeks off right now so that he's fully available down the stretch. They could get him to the end of July with 106-ish innings pitched, leaving him about 50-60 to get through August and September. I'd much rather see him rationed in July when they're playing Washington, Arizona and Pittsburgh than in September when they have a brutal stretch against the key teams in the division, Cardinals, and Reds...

Perhaps 3-weeks off is extreme ... but it's making me wonder what the thinking is for how/when to limit Latos?

It's a tough decision ... a "good tough" decision ... because of how well the team is doing!

Unknown said...

Speaking of high profile guys not playing... Donavan Tate had his best professional performance and has promptly missed the last few AZL games. Any update by chance?

sdsuaztec4 said...

Paul!?!?! Where are you?!?!?!