Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Jedd Gyorko

We got ourselves a bat.

Jedd is a junior shortstop from West Virginia University who has done nothing but rake for three years. At 5'10" and 195lbs, Jedd is a strong infielder with right-handed power. This year he had 48 extra base hits in just 236 at-bats while only striking out just 24 times. Furthermore, last summer he hit .326/.386/.488 with a wood bat in the Cape Cod League.

A driven, hard-nosed player, Jedd is the type of grinder with the makeup to will himself to the Major Leagues. We were hoping all night that he might still be there when we picked today, as we feel he's one of the more polished bats in the draft.


Unknown said...

They way you describe him Paul is like a strong, better hitting version of Eckstein. Do you guys seem him as the same type of player that does the little things right all over the field even though he might not be the most athletic guy out there?

Paul DePodesta said...

He definitely does all the little things well and is a real gamer like David, but Jedd definitely projects to have more power. He's a dangerous bat that could play either 2B or 3B.