Tuesday, June 22, 2010

More Signings

Here are a few more signings for today:

#5 Rico Noel
#11 Brian Guinn
#19 Tyler Norwood
#29 Mykal Stokes
#31 Oscar Garcia
#37 Chase Marona
#41 Bryan Altman
#43 Mark Hardy

A number of these guys (Stokes, Garcia, Marona, and Altman) have already seen action with either Eugene or Arizona, as both teams began their seasons. With Noel and Guinn signed, we now have our top five college (including JC) position players signed.


sdsuaztec4 said...

Ok, now work on Whitson, Vanegas, and Barbato.

Paul DePodesta said...


There's the rub! We're working on it...

Unknown said...

Paul - is the delay on getting Medica signed related to the shoulder injury? Is he still at home, or will you be expecting to watch him on the Cape again this summer a la Reyes last year?

VA Padres said...


Do the Padres scout the NCCAA tournament? There is a pitcher from Bluefield College there named Howell who has been consistent over the past 4years. MVP of the national champs last year. Closer mostly but occasional starter. Righty, 6 foot, fastball in the low nineties which occasionaly gets to 94, curve, slider, change. Solid Character and mound presence. Undrafted, although the Orioles are working him out. He has been told he wasn't drafted becuase he wasn't taller. Are there just that many righties out there?