Friday, June 18, 2010

Video for Rounds 11-20

Here's a little more video on some of our guys.

The Short-Season A Eugene Emeralds opens tonight! Check out the roster here. In addition to the 2010 draftees, we have a number of young talented players trying to make the jump, including pitchers Keyvius Sampson, Adys Portillo, Matt Lollis, and Pedro Martinez and outfielders Luis Domoromo and Rymer Liriano. The Arizona League Padres will start play on Monday.


Unknown said...

Pedro MArtinez sounds promising. Good Luck!!!

thepadfather said...

Paul, what was the reasoning for holding back Tate and Needy but pushing Sampson?

Poolie said...

Hi Paul,

At the link for the Eugene roster, it says that Angelucci, Poynter and Hinson are on the "reserve list".

I remember that Brayden Drake & Matt Vern voluntarily retired and their status is also indicated as on the "reserve" list. Does that mean Angelucci, Poynter and Hinson also retired voluntarily?

Also, is there a possibility that Vern or Drake might ever "un-retire" one day, hence why on the reserve list?


Paul DePodesta said...


Tate still hasn't played an official professional game, and he's been hurt on and off throughout this spring, so he still needs to get his sea legs. Sampson, on the other hand, pitched at the end of last season and has also been pitching without incident throughout extended spring training the past two months. Needy has a knee issue that is currently holding him back.

It was good to see the outings from both Sampson and Lollis to start the season in Eugene!

Paul DePodesta said...


Those guys have been dealing with some injuries, so their status may change.

As for players "un-retiring", it doesn't happen often, but if/when it doesn, we'll be ready. Seriously, what teams don't want is to release a guy who says he wants to retire only to see him sign with another Club for nothing.

Ryan said...

I didn't know where else to put this, but I was curious about the decision to have Jorge Minyeti play in San Antonio this year. I imagine it was somewhat based on need to fill the vacancy of Forsythe being injured, but considering he's only 19, it was a surprising move. Also, what do you think about how he fared and of his future.

Unknown said...

You mentioned Lollis. Are you planning to go up to see him pitch in Eugene, or are you keeping your distance so he doesn't accidentally eat you as part of his mid-afternoon snack??? Seriously, that is one BIG boy.

Which actually leads to a question... does MLB have no standards at all about accuracy of the Ht and Wt listings for players on their official rosters? Would you care to venture a guess how long it's been since Matt weighed 230?

Paul DePodesta said...


Minyeti was moved to San Antonio early in the season because of some DL issues we had in the infield. The feeling was that his defense and strike zone judgment would allow him compete there in the short-term even though he hadn't played above Arizona. Because it was a short-term deal, we didn't want to move any of full-season A-ball infielders there.