Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Jonathan Galvez and Pedro Hernandez

Both Jonathan Galvez and Pedro Hernandez were selected for the Dominican Summer League All-Star Game which took place last week.

I've written about Galvez before, as he's been tearing up the DSL this season. He's a premium all-around prospect who is continuing his impressive season with a .420 obp and .366 slg over about 160 plate appearances. What's even more impressive is that he has those numbers despite a recent 0 for 22. Just 17 years old, 6'2" and an offensive SS, we're excited about the future for Jonathan.

Pedro Hernandez has not gotten the same hype, but he's had an equally impressive season on the mound. A left-hander from Venezuela, Hernandez has outstanding command. His line so far this season is a remarkable: 41.1 ip, 40 h, 3 bb, and 49 k's. Due to his command, Pedro has been very consistent this season, as he has yet to allow more than two runs in any appearance.

These two players certainly earned their All-Star status, but we also had a number of deserving players left off the All-Star squad, none more deserving than Jorge Minyeti. Jorge is a switch-hitting middle infielder who is just 17 years old and yet having an outstanding offensive season. His .903 OPS (.478 obp, .425 slg) leads the team by a wide margin as does his 35:20 walk to strikeout ratio. Overall, Jorge is 2nd in the entire DSL in OBP, 10th in AVG and 10th in OPS.

If you want more of an in-depth look into Jonathan Galvez and Pedro Hernandez, check out their videos: First Take - Jonathan Galvez and First Take - Pedro Hernandez. Hopefully, this is the kind of original in-depth content we'll be able to provide on the new Padres Channel.


Wazzel Sport's Humor said...

Galvez must have pretty solid plate discipline, because while you didn't list his avg, it can't be much higher than .300 (based on the .366 SLG%) thus making a .400+ OBP quite impressive. Obviously that SLG% raises a few eyebrows, but numbers mean less and less the further you get from the bigs. Alcides Escobar is considered a top SS prospect and prior to this year he never slugged higher than .400 in his pro career. I guess defense is a key issue for Galvez, but with no actual knowledge I am going to assume he is very strong defensively if you call him an "all-around player".

I also liked his video answer about major leaguers he admires, stating that he admired Manny for hitting but specifically chose A-Rod when he talked about attitude.

Obviously you provided some stats for Hernandez, but a 49 to 3 K/BB is pretty amazing at any age and level. That's a rate of over 16 to 1!!! Ridiculous. Also, you have to love this guy's confidence, stating he loves Johan, but will be better than him someday. He seemed extremely comfortable in front a camera

Andy said...

obviously its a long way off...but when you look at these numbers, and mix that with your predictions...how fast will they proceed thru the systems in your estimations...how fast could they be seen in san diego?

Anonymous said...

.366 SLG is AWFUL.

Paul DePodesta said...


Please read my older post regarding Jonathan Galvez and the DSL. The DSL is a very, very tough hitter's league, especially for a 17 year old. A .366 slg is actually quite solid there.

Paul DePodesta said...


It's very difficult to say since the players are so young and have yet to play in the regular season in the US. They can progress at very different rates based on skill growth, physical maturity, as well as other items.

Jason S said...

So what are the next steps for these two individuals past the DSL? How soon should we be seeing them at say a Lake Elsinore? We have been hearing a lot about the young talent. Can they be pushed up the system quickly?

Howard Lynch said...

I don't the video to play at either of the links in this post ... anyone else?

There seems to be 2 kinds of video feeds at mlb.com ... I can see the "highlight video"s (such as links in game stories and at the "Top Plays Archive", media/video.jsp) ... but links like in this post have links which say "media/player/mp_tpl_3_1.jsp", and all I get is a page that says "loading" ... but I don't think it is loading ...

Any help? Thanks!

padresrevolution.com said...


How does Galvez compare to Hanley Ramirez at that age? I'm guessing Galvez has the edge in plate discipline but how does he compare in regards to power, speed, and defense?

Also, with Hernandez, his bread and butter is his command and his changeup, but how hard does he currently throw and is it possible to project how hard a kid that age would be throwing 3 or 4 years down the line?

Paul Reams said...

Thanks for the videos--it's a blast to see the kids that we've read so much about!