Wednesday, July 2, 2008

July 2nd

Today is July 2nd, so the International Signing Period opens. I have a feeling it's going to be an unusually big day for the Padres.

I'll post again when we have official news.


Editor said...

The Union Tribune already listed four signings by the team, a pitcher, a shortstop, an outfielder, and then an Australian outfielder?
Baseball America then verified the UT statements.
If the signings and bonuses I read are correct, then the Padres deserve a pat on the back for sticking with their plan to develop within.
Of the four, I would love to hear some evaluation of Adamson.

Gavin said...


I'm pretty pumped to hear more about these guys. Regarding Portillo, Domoromo and Aristy, where do you project they would have been selected had they been eligible for the June draft? I'd imagine their bonuses do not necessarily reflect where they'd be taken due to the competition factor. Kudos to the Pads for taking this large (and overdue) step of making a splash in Latin America.