Wednesday, June 10, 2009

6th Round Pick

James Needy, RHP from Santana HS in California

A San Diegan, James is a 6'5" starting pitcher with a FB in the low 90's with feel for both a breaking ball and a changeup. It's nice to get a local in the mix, but this one was all about talent.


WebSoulSurfer said...

Local Kid. Soft throwing. Good Control. I never saw him go over 90. Usually sat 87-89.

But he is a big kid and proper strength conditioning could improve that. May be a good back of the rotation type in years to come.

4 of 6 picks high school players.

That is a HUGE departure from the past for the Padres organization.

Paul DePodesta said...

I actually saw James twice, and like you I saw him throw a lot of 88's and 89's. His projectable body made me (and others) believe there was more in there. Then he gave up a homer, and for the rest of that inning he was 92-93 with a sharp breaking ball. I didn't have to imagine it anymore. It's in there and now we'll have to bring it out more consistently.