Friday, June 12, 2009

Peavy to the DL

Today we announced that Jake Peavy will be placed on the DL for his ankle injury. In order to let it heal he will wear a cast for at least the next couple of weeks.


Unknown said...

I hope he stays in the boot until August. Absolute blessing in disguise IMHO.

Anonymous said...

I hate to say this as a Padre fan, but GOOD! It doesn't appear serious in the long term and hopefully it will prevent the Padres from underselling Peavy for the likes of Aaron Poreda, Clayton Richard, and two unknown minor leaguers. If the names being discussed were Vitters or Heyward, I'd have a different position ... but I don't right now.

The UT said we were at $42.1MM before the Gerut-Gwynn trade. So we are around $1.1MM above our target. Some creative decision making from Paul, Kevin, and the guys should allow for us to get to that point without a firesale type trade for Peavy.

On a side note, I get annoyed when the media has harped on how Peavy is going to overpaid over the next few years. IMO, they wouldn't be saying it if the Padres weren't publicly saying they needed to cut their 50% of the ML average payroll to $40MM.

Peavy appears to have a reasonable, if not below market deal. The no trade clause, however, allows him to renegotiate to a par deal if he is traded. That's his right.

Unknown said...


I don't recall the first time the Padres signed a Cuban defector.
Are the Padres interested in Noel Arguellez and Jose Iglesias?

Please surprise us by signing Miguel Angel Sano. I know so much about this kid, it feels like I have him on Facebook. One thing is for sure, I would love to hire his agent to sell my home, the man can sure sell "I would say he has a Hanley Ramirez body and the possible upside of an Albert Pujols-type bat."

Sakei said...


It's not fair *sob*, it's just not fair.

field39 said...


The the thought of anyone celebrating an injury for any reason, makes me sick....

Anonymous said...

Can we get an update on draftee signings please. I heard something like 22 already signed. Starting with our the 8th pick.

Paul DePodesta said...

You Know Me!,
Sure. 22 of our draftees have signed, including our 8th round pick.

Just kidding.

Here's a list:

8th, Nate Frieman, 1B
9th, Chris Fetter, RHP
12th, Brayden Drake, 3B
16th, Griffin Benedict, C
19th, Chris Tremblay, SS
22nd, Cody Decker, 1B
23rd, Jeffrey Ibarra, LHP
25th, Ty Wright, OF
26th, Kevin Winn, 2B
28th, Vince Belnome, 2B
30th, Wande Olabisi, OF
31st, Matt Jackson, RHP
32nd, David Erickson, RHP
33rd, Jon Berger, RHP
38th, Kyle Loretelli, CF
39th, Chris Ahearn, SS
40th, Thomas Porter, RHP
43rd, Chadd Hartman, OF
44th, Ryan Skube, 2B
49th, Brett Holland, RHP
50th, Brett Basham, C

Anonymous said...

Of the remaining unsigned, is there anyone that surprised you with their asking price like Kipnis did last year?

Anonymous said...

No kidding Field. I hate feeling this way, but just call it a lack of trust based on the $30MM cut out of payroll. I am encouraged by the statement by Towers.

Unknown said...

Does Latos have a shot at replacing Peavey in the rotation while he's out? Or will it come down to an effort to delay his arbitration date, as it appeared to be with Headley?

I think most people will say our flirtation with consistency is likely over, so why not bring up a guy that would create at least a bit of excitement for the future.

Anonymous said...

I am discouraged by the $30+ MM cut in salaries and us having the second lowest payroll in baseball at 50% of the ML average. It's tough when you look at Forbes and they say we are on the most profitable teams in baseball AND then hear the rumors of Jake Peavy being on the block.

I'd prefer him and Gonzalez to be building blocks to our resurgence. I'm not wishing ill will on Peavy at all. He's one of my favorite players, but there is a lack of trust right now after what the ownership group did this offseason.

Ultimately, I was encouraged by the draft AND am encouraged by them saying they won't trade Gonzalez/Young to get to the $40MM number. I'm a lot more encouraged today than I was two weeks ago.

Unknown said...


Get over the payroll thing, this team is much better and exciting than the 2008 team at about half the payroll. It is not saying much, but it is an improvement.

It has already created enough positives and building blocks. The steal of Tony Gwynn Jr, Heath Bell can close, the discovery of a very nice bullpen arms in Mujica and Gregerson and a great find in Everth Cabrera.

Nobody expected the team to compete, but I have to say it has been a great success based on expectations, reality, excitement and talent.

It would be nice if the Organization puts back the payroll savings to signing Miguel Angel Sano. We are so thirsty for the Padres to spend heavily in premium amateur talent. Please sign that kid, no excuses will be tolerated.

Anonymous said...

Get over the payroll thing? This team isn't going to win this year and cutting $30MM in payroll didn't help.

Again, I'm encouraged by recent moves ... but don't fool yourself into believing this team is "better off" for the decision.

Unknown said...

Get over the payroll thing? Really, Hector? In one form or another the public will end up paying about $300 million or so for Petco Park. We were led to believe that construction of Petco would lead to ownership's ability to field a competitive project. Now, I doubt anyone believed ownership would (or should) spend $200 million in salary but I'm pretty sure we expected more than we've seen this year. So no, I don't think anyone should "get over" it, at all. The team should be held accountable. As to this team being more exciting? Again, really? Gwynn is having a nice run at the plate (for a singles hitter) at the moment, but that's probably to some extent being countered by his horrific centerfield play. Headley belongs in LF about as much as I belong there. Giles is...I don't even have the words. The team even sent out a press release regarding Adrian's record walks pace. Wow, really? We should be embarrassed about that, not celebrating it. So no, I will not get over the payroll things, nor should anyone who pays taxes in San Diego.