Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rounds 11-20

11th Round - Andrew Madrigal, RHP from Mt. San Jacinto in California

A two-way player at Mt. San Jacinto, Drew hit over .400 while also putting up a big year on the mound. 6'2" and 200 lbs, Drew is an athletic strike thrower who has been up to 94 mph with a solid slider. He struck out 138 in 106 innings.

12th Round - Brayden Drake, 3B from Missouri St

A senior, Brayden is a hard-nosed infielder with a solid line drive bat. He's a good enough defender to move around, and he's a tough out hitting over .400 this season while slugging .695.

13th Round - James Vern, 1B/OF from Texas Christian University

At 6'3" and 225, James is athletic enough to play out in LF as well as 1B. James hit 15 homers this season and slugged .679.

14th Round - Nick Greenwood, LHP from University of Rhode Island

A left-handed starter at URI, Nick has excellent command along with a solid changeup. He has started for the past two years, going 184.1 innings with 185 hits, just 40 walks, and 169 strikeouts.

15th Round - Matt Lollis, RHP from Riverside Community College

Back on our theme. Matt is 6'8", 260 lbs, and he's just 18 years old. Despite the size, Matt has good feel for the strike zone and runs his fastball up to 94 mph.

16th Round - Griffin Benedict, C from Georgia Southern

Son of former Major Leaguer, Bruce Benedict, Griffin has been a four-year starter at Georgia Southern and shows great intangibles. A left-handed hitter, Griffin controls the strike zone and hits to all fields, but he's also belted 26 homers over the past two seasons.

17th Round - Jorge Reyes, RHP from Oregon State

6'3" and 185 lbs, Jorge has been a high profile pitcher at Oregon State for the past three seasons. He has a good sinker in the low 90's along with a solid slider.

18th Round - Shuhei Fujiya, RHP from University of Northern Iowa

An Irvine native, Shuhei attended Orange Coast College before heading to Northern Iowa. 6'3" and 175 lbs, Shuhei does not yet have a lot of experience on the mound but shows a good delivery with an easy, quick arm.

19th Round - Chris Tremblay, SS from Kent State University

A senior infielder, Chris is a solid defender and has hit over .350 over the past two college seasons combined. This year he played SS with a dislocated finger - like the toughness.

20th Round - John Wooten, 3B from Eastern Wayne HS in North Carolina

At 6'3" and 195 lbs, John has already shown big, big power. He's a good athlete, and as he continues to get bigger and stronger he could end up being dangerous with the bat.


VA Padres said...


There sure are a lot of people drafted. What percentage year to year typically sign with the Padres and is there a draft round Mendoza line after which most of the guys with a lot of upside forego the draft to improve their stock in college.

Thanks for taking the time with the fans

Padman42 said...

Hey Paul,

I noticed that there are a lot of HS players taken by the Padres in the early rounds. DO they Padres think they will be able to sign all (most) of them? Outside of the first few rounds I dont know enough about the players but I figure most of them have strong commitments to college.
Thanks for doing this, lets hope we can get these guys signed and in camp, we need a team to play around Portillo in Eugene :)

Unknown said...


After no other team wants to draft anyone anymore tommorrow; can you draft me for fun just so I can say I got drafted?


David Spencer said...

I'm rubbing my eyes and thinking it's deja vu all over again, with the Padres drafting Ben(jamin) Davis. Funny stuff...

Paul DePodesta said...


Sorry, but we don't have a draft id for you.

Paul DePodesta said...

VA Padres,

Teams typically sign somewhere around 30 of their selections.

Anonymous said...

Love the Matt Vern pick. That kid really improved as a senior. Didn't really believe that he had it in him. He was OK as a junior, but he really emerged and I like his power potential/profile.

Jorge Reyes is interesting. He's the exact opposite of Vern. Started off as a freshman stud with the College World Series, but regressed badly as a sophomore. He was OK last year.

Anonymous said...

Hey Paul, any more info on what pitches Shuhei Fujiya throws?

Paul DePodesta said...

Shuhei throws a FB from 87-93 along with a curveball and a changeup.