Thursday, June 5, 2008

30 Minutes and Counting

We're finally getting close to our first pick here.

There was a time when there was no clock in the MLB draft. Teams selected immediately after the pick in front of them was announced, so the entire first round took about 15 minutes. For all of us who lived through many years of that pace, the five minutes that is now between picks seems amazingly long. Nevertheless, it's great that ESPN is doing more coverage on the draft now, and hopefully more and more fans are following it.


Unknown said...


I am an Astros fan (Padres are in my top 5 favorite teams). I love your blog. I can't remember, but did the Astros interview you for their GM position? Because nothing against Jason Castro, but his pick at #10 really, really confuses me.

Good luck. Hopefully someone will put us Astros fans out of our misery.

Steve Adler said...

Looked like Havens was going to come our way...Where was he on the Pads board?

thepadfather said...

We are on the clock!

Steve Adler said...

A big 1B? Allen this a case of just taking the best available? With Gonzalez and Blanks, what is the thought process with this pick?