Thursday, June 5, 2008

Logan Forsythe

Skilled player, great makeup, very hard-nosed. More later.


dmilesai said...

WHY Forsythe? What about a good college lefty like Tim Murphy or a potential five-tool OF like Jordan Danks? I've seen Forsythe play a couple times and I came away somewhat impressed, but I never thought he would be worth a 3rd round pick, let alone a supplemental 1st. I know you guys do way more scouting than us fans, but I don't know. I was hoping for some guys with speed after Dykstra, but I didn't get what I wished for. Oh well, what do I know, I'm just a fan and who knows what can happen with these guys in the minors. I'm still sad though.

legalspy said...

Prediction: 20 first round picks in this draft make it to the majors before the Padres finally decide they wasted these picks. I cannot believe that with the pitchers that were available, we take a slow first-baseman (remember Gonzo and Blanks are already in the system). We take a SLOW outfielder, which I guess is all that this team ever wants patrolling Petco Parks outfield. Then they take a major reach at third base when other more qualified players still existed on the draft board. This teams only way to rate a players is by how much he will cost instead of talent level.