Friday, June 6, 2008

Rounds 7-11

Adam Zornes, C, Rice U - A red-shirt junior, Adam is a strong defensive catcher with a plus arm that holds down the running game. Offensively, he's not a high average hitter, but he has power and can do damage.

Beamer Weems, SS, Baylor U - A slick fielder, Beamer is known as one of the best defensive shortstops in this draft with great hands, a plus arm, and above average range. Offensively, he's a switch-hitter who is more of a contact hitter who does a good job of controlling the strike zone.

Kyle Thebeau, RHP, Texas A&M -A strong RHP, Kyle's fastball normally sits around 92 mph. Used primarily as a reliever, Kyle features a fastball/slider combination, and both pitches grade out as above average at times.

Andrew Albers, LHP, U Kentucky - A left-hander with a deceptive delivery, Andrew is a good strike-thrower who keeps the ball down in the zone and generates groundballs and strikeouts. He has both started and relieved for Kentucky.

Tyson Bagley, RHP, Dallas Baptist U - A 6'8", 250 reliever, Tyson has an above average fastball. In the past two seasons Tyson has struck out 108 batters in 74 innings while yielding just 48 hits. Given his size and arm, he offers a lot of projection.

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Unknown said...

Paul, I am thrilled one of the teams I follow closely (Astros, Mariners, Padres, and Pirates) picked Zornes. As a Rice alum, I was pulling for him. Rice always has good defensive catchers (they kind of have to with pitchers that tend to bury breaking balls in the dirt) and Zornes definitely showed nice pop this year. Any thoughts on how his relatively limited playing time his first 3 years at Rice affects his professional development, positively (maybe more projection because he has less experience than similarly aged players) or negatively (because he has fewer reps against top competition at this stage)?