Thursday, June 5, 2008

James Darnell #2

Darnell is a big, strong 3B who is athletic and skilled enough to play all over the diamond. His strength is what separates him, as he has hit 18 and 19 homers in the past two seasons. The ball absolutely jumps off his bat, and it was no different with wood as he hit 8 homers in just 128 ab's on the Cape last summer.

Overall, this is a very toolsy player with a lot of life and power to his game.

Needless to say, we've added some serious power today.


Jeff Landset said...

Hey Paul-

Back when the draft wasn't televised and it was just one big conference call, did some teams ever try to pick a guy who had already been drafted? Was there a bunch of razzing like a fantasy draft? Any funny stories about the old days, or was it just a really long and boring phone call?

legalspy said...

From all of the scouting reports that I've seen, this is yet another stretch pick by the cheap padres. He's slow with very little range.

This joke of a franchise just keeps getting better and better.

Tom said...

legalspy, you haven't been reading all the scouting reports. The most commonly used source, Baseball America, says Darnell has above-average (not below) speed and is a very good athlete.

I bet you a steak dinner he's looked at as a RF, not a 3b.