Thursday, June 5, 2008

Jason Kipnis #2

Jason has played both CF and LF for ASU, though he has become the primary CF as the season has continued. He is a left-handed hitter who hits at the top of their lineup and has had a monster year, hitting .363 with a .484 obp and .677 slg. He's a pesky player who is a very tough out, hitting the ball to all fields and running the bases aggressively (24 bases so far this year). Over the summer last year, Jason hit .318 with a .505 obp and a .591 slg while stealing 24 bases. Despite a limited projection in terms of physical size, he plays very hard and is surprisingly strong - 13 homers this year and 9 over the summer.


Gavin said...

For what its worth I saw a couple ASU games earlier this year and thought Kipnis looked like the best hitter in a great lineup that included Wallace, Davis and Paramore. He hit 2 MONSTER shots. I like this pick.

Kent Bonham said...

Here are Kipnis' splits: