Thursday, June 12, 2008


A lot of you have been asking...

Here are the signings that have already been completed:

Comp - Logan Forsythe
3rd - Sawyer Carroll
10th - Andrew Albers
11th - Tyson Bagley
14th - Robert Musgrave
16th - Thomas Davis
17th - Derek Shunk
18th - Nick Vincent
19th - Robert Lara
20th - Jason Codiroli
21st - Joseph Railey
24th - Eric Gonzalez
26th - Dean Anna
27th - Aaron Murphree
28th - Nick Schumacher
29th - Omar Gutierrez
30th - Robert Verbick
32nd - Kyle Heyne
33rd - Daniel Robertson
34th - Matthew Gaski
35th - Logan Gelbrich
37th - Matthew Means
39th - Gary Poynter
40th - Colin Lynch
42nd - Brad Brach

That's 25 total players. We're getting closer on a few others, and we have three draftees (Blake Tekotte, Erik Davis, and Matt Clark) still participating in the College World Series.


Howard Lynch said...

So ... despite the report in the UT about the Dykstra signing, there must be an "i" not dotted or a "t" not crossed? (or a physical not passed?)

Bryant said...

Paul -

I know you've gone into detail before how the draft is an inexact science and I'm not going to pretend like I know any better. My question is pertaining to the organization's approach to risky draft signings and Brett Mooneyham in particular.

You indicated that he's a Top 100 prospect, yet the possibility of signing him is probably less likely because he plans on attending Stanford. Seeing as he's a 14th round selection, is there anything else you could do to sweeten the pot outside of simply increasing the dollar amount to reflect a higher-round draft pick?

Is there a general amount of money allotted to the draft overall and you can only afford to offer a particular percentage of that, or would the Padres elect to spend more given that his overall worth and the risk of him going to college are much higher than a normal 14th round pick?

Sorry if that's a bit convolute and wordy, but thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

Just out of curiosity, have you read Paul Nyman's recent "Beyond Moneyball" articles on player development at The Hardball Times? And if so, what are your thoughts on them?

Unknown said...

Thanks for the outstanding draft process post, in addition to the signing updates. My question is this, and while I don't expect you to answer directly or specifically, a general head nod in my direction would be appreciated. Based on unconfirmed figures advanced in the media and the makeup of the draftees, it would stand to reason that the budget this year would fall well short of last year, when extra draft picks and the Latos signing boosted the payout to unprecedented heights. With this apparent wiggle room left (in addition to so many hefty contracts coming off the big league books this offseason), is the organization poised to make an international splash (or two or three!) or maybe cough up the coin to bring Mooneyham into the fold? The time would seem right for such action. Any feedback would be wonderful, and thanks again.

Unknown said...

Sorry to double up on you, I'm still getting used to this accessibility. With your name being so closely tied to the advances made in the evaluation of talent and performance over the past 15 years, have the implementation of such changes been met with skepticism from within the organizations which you have worked? I have to imagine that even progressive clubs still employ (and value highly) the old-school caricature of a scout, basing evaluation on look and feel and even "face", rather than empirical data. Are such scouts generally able to assimilate themselves following philosophical shifts, and if so, with enthusiasm or great reluctance? Understanding it is difficult to generalize, any anecdotes from your experience to illustrate such a situation?

Steve Adler said...

Thanks for the update. Is it typical that the HS guys don't sign right away??

Anonymous said...

Why isn't Spraut on the DSL team? Or is he and he's just not listed at

bottomofthe9th said...

The Padres drafted Adam Zornes, yes?

Rice alum here noting that the Owls are very much in the College World Series, also.

Unknown said...


Shame on you for not including Adam Zornes (C, Rice, 7th round) in the list of your draftees that are still playing in the CWS! To make up for it, you can post my comment with this link to a nice write-up on Zornes from the Houston Chronicle.

Paul DePodesta said...

Spraut is Galvez.

Paul DePodesta said...

Did Rice make it to Omaha?

Just kidding. Totally my fault. Yes, Adam Zornes from RICE is still playing as well.